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RIP Maxy


My older cat died today. I'm quite sad.
He was 18 years old, such an ancian!
Hope Funeria lives as long as he did.

Also made a better website to a friend of mine. Check it out if you feel like it.

Heyty's Noise Hell!


What's Up People!?

Just wanted to say that I made a page that plays noises at every bitcoin transaction. I wanted to make it play at wikipedia's articles edit but hatnote's websocket sucks cuz it's not "secure".

Well, there's a counter to how many you endured that stays at your local cache. So if you feel like it, you can break your own records!

I'm pretty good at making useful things. I know.

I'm running out of ideas ):


So, I started this website about two weeks ago, but now I'm running out of ideas.

I really want to shove as much things as possible here, but I don't feel like I know what else I can put here. There's a section to my music, my drawings, a blog and some cool links. What else a website needs?

Oh, there is also some tests and a page for my "animation series" from my defunct youtube channel, besides some EasterEggs.

What else does a website needs? I'm really accepting tips on opnions, just leave them on my neocities profile

Cya :*

Typlayer 1.0


As promised, I bring you the text file player, TyPlayer is it's name, cuz' its a player made by Heyty.

You can check it working clicking here or konami coding and inserting "hentai" at the terminal window.

How to:
First you gotta click here to download, if open another tab with de code, rightclick and save or copy paste to a file (typlayer.js). You can paste directly to Neocities' editor thou.

If everything went as planned until now, open your nice typlayer.js in some text editor, or, if you pasted to the editor, you gotta change the values under "tylist" and "tytitles" arrays. At aplayer or cplayer there's a single array, but I couldn't figure out how to make a single one and the player still work :v
Ok, but you don't have the values to change yet? That's ok, you gotta encode your mp3 files to base64 strings and upload them to your website, I strong reccomend using this tool (click to open to a new tab). Remember to select the base64 formula and save the files as .txt files. So, after you uplodaded them, proceed to edit at the script and save it.

Before forgeting to, change the autoplay var to true of false if you want or don't want this feature!

Maybe I should make my own converter tool, but meh. It would take some effort and burning some brain cells.

At the page you want the player, just insert <script src="(path to)/typlayer.js"></script> before the closing element of body and save the file.

Done, now you got a music player in your website without pay for uploading .mp3 files or hotlinking shit! If you use it, I appreciate if you mention me somewhere or put my button on your page, but it's not necessary as I don't like licenses. Maybe it's licensed under some GNU, cuz it should be free as in freedom.

If you need a single track to play, I sugest using Shallot's aproach, just copy the contents of the .txt file you base64'd and paste after the "base64," part within the following: <audio "data:audio/ogg;base64,">.

Also, there's a chance that the file loading will fail, for that it'll show an error on the status and try the next file. I don't know what causes it, so I can't fix.

Disclaimer: The songs I used are from anime cuz I'm a fan and it's fair use cuz I don't make money from this website and I'm using it to demonstrate how to achieve something and that's educational use. We don't like piracy here :v


Edit: Uploaded it to gitlab under GPL3.

Just a little ramble


Don't HOTLINK shit unless it's strictly necessary!!! At every hotlink you make a little lamb in some pasture dies.

You want some code on your site? Nice, everyone of us does. Donwload and upload it. At every hotlink you make from google, you put it's tracker in your website. Cloudflare stuff? Idem. Youtube? Also.

There are currently 4 hotlinks in my whole website. None of them are for codes. If you hotlink code, the one nice person you hotlinked can change what it does and fuck your website, your fellow users and fuck your whole life.

I know it's sad don't being abble to upload mp3 and mp4, but you can always base64 it and use it. - Basesixtywhat!? - You may inquire. It means encoding the file as a data string and decoding it for usage. This concept is new for me too, but, hey, there's no more excuse to hotlink no more shit if you are reading this.

Help yourself and help us not being tracked cuz some dumbass hotlinked shit.

Made an awesome .txt music player


YES! You did read it right! A text file music player!

Some time ago I saw an great way to play music on neocities at Shallot's website.

No mp3 for us, poor Mans? No problem, I made my own Poormans' Player!

To acess it, open the terminal (konami code) and input "hentai". Simple as that.

If you want it for your website do your h4ck1ng stuff and steal from me!!! Just joking. Latter today or maybe tomorrow I'll make a post teatching how to. I also needs some tweaks :v

Also, have you met Morgana yet? She's Penelope's Psycho sister. Some say she uses her enemies's blood as paint!

Neocities made me sad ):


All this API thingy made me sad. It was like a day of trial and error for discovering that it would hurt my website. Afterall I don't even know if being on "Special Sauce" is worth anything. Having a website with a lot of views is nice, my dopamine craving brain enjoys it, but was that my main objective? Guess I gotta wonder a little about what I'm really looking for by staying here.

If you don't know, I fucking hate google and it's way of sneaking and lurking at every inch of the web, for that I always use meta tags to prevent being indexed, but, somehow google managed to index a single page of this website. Guess what!?:

"Welcome to my Website! This is a paragraph! Here's how you make a link: Neocities. Here's how you can make bold and italic text. Here's how you can add an ..."

This horsefucker bot mannaged to log a page as soon it was created via neocites web-interface! The first thing I always do to every single page is to copypaste my header with all the nice metas and then save.

Fuck you, google. Fuck you!

API usage fucks with websites status!


So, on the entries before this one I commented about using the api to do nice things, but now I know the thruth! Using the API fucks with our websites! It's a great tool, but neocities need a better resolve arround it.

Earlier today I noticed that this, my awesome website, was on the first page of the "Special Sauce" of the browsing options, not at the top, of course, but that made me happy and kinda curious. I spent quite a time and brain cells theese last weeks making the nicest possible website, well, not this is really a great website (yet) but I'm trying to do my best. This effort seemed to be rewarding me something afterall. By being curious, was about wondering how the fuck it got there. Luckly, neocities is open source, and, besides I can't into Ruby, I know something about programming logic. Let's check how it's done:

def compute_score points = 0 points += (follow_count || 0) * 30 points += profile_comments_dataset.count * 1 points += views / 1000 points += 20 if !featured_at.nil? # penalties points = 0 if changed_count < 2 points = 0 if api_calls && api_calls > 1000 (points / ((Time.now - updated_at) / 7.days)**SCORE_GRAVITY).round(4) end

So, you start with 0 points; At each follower you got, +30pts; Each comment you got, +1pt; Every 1000 views you get +1pt; and, if you ever been featured, +20pt. For the calc, you divide the sum of points for the diference of time between (now) and the last update an divite it for the last week, then multiplies by 1.8, the current score gravity. The result is rounded and then it determines your position on the list.

Pretty Simple, huh?

Now, check that part of #penalties: If your blog got less than 2 edits since its creation, your score is 0. That seems fair, there are a lot of blogs that never got an update. Check the other line. If you ever used the api AND used it more than 1000 times, your website is cut out from Special Sauce!!!

On the email reply I got from Neocities, "the point of that is to prevent automated sites from being pushed to the top due to the massive number of updates". It's premise seems fair too, but how about people that doesn't massively update via api? Let's say you update once a day via API, you get a little less than 3 years of API usage before your site get stat fucked! Doesn't sound much, I know, but there should be another way of calculing it. Like api_calls / 10 / how long your website exists, limiting it by daily usage. It would be a little more fair for me, but, well, it seems that Special Sauce is an alfa feature and gonna get reworked at some time.

I hope it gets, but until then, I won't use it anymore with this website. This blog post is the last one.

I could try to learn Ruby and push some better code on github? Yes, I could, but meh, ruby doesn't makes sense on my head.

Edit: I'm gonna try to push, hell yeah I will!

Phleg Reports


I got a little jeallous and made my own /phleg/ lol

Everyday at 10a.m. (I think) it gonna autoupdate!

Edit: Report is dead. Tried to move it to another "website" but I'm not so enthusiastic about it anymore. Also tryied to make it in a javascripty way, but I FUCKING HATE JAVASCRIPT WHY IT DOESN'T WORK AS I INTEND IT TO!?!?!?

So, now I've got a blog too :D


I made a php page on my local "server" with Reed Jone's php api wraper that let me blog very simple.

Also, Hello World!