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Whaaaa!? We already gone thru 1/4 of the year!?


Hewwo, fellow websurfers. How y'all doin? I'm sick. Sooooo, I had two friends from hecka far over here for 2 weeks. We did a bunch of cool stuff together, like going partying and baking cake and getting matching tattoos. It's been quite nice and interesting 2 weeks. Life is now going back to usual. Already had to get my gpu a good baking (yeah, poor men reballing), had mom pop up here outta nowhere, father back to demanding help with things he know how to do etc.

And, o well, all that I got left for reals are ~saldades~ from my friends from hecka far. Hope they can come back and stay for more happiest times!

Oh, hello.


Yeah. Oh, hello my fellow reader. I just wanted to make a few comments on some decisions.

Here I go. I installed Nobara. It's a linux distro based on fedora and with lots of "hacks" so stuff simply works. By stuff I mean mostly games. Can't recomend enough. Yes, some distros are better for gaming (at least if you value your time). I'm using gitlab to backup a bunch of shit. No, you can't read them, they are private. Also on git, I'm back using NeoCities api. Fuck stats, no one care for this little corner of the interwebs anyways. If my daily report didn't make a update thingy on NeoCities' home, I'd move it back here too. Having to manually delete one once in a while is enough for me. By the way, Kde sucks at Wayland. WTF. Spent like 2 days tweaking a script to enable/disable my screens. I kinda already miss Mint and Cinnamon. They a special place in my heart for sure, but I guess it's good to learn new stuff.

They see me commitin', they pushin' ♪♫


How'd it go from Oct 1st to Oct 27th in 3 days!?


Hewwo, internet peeps.

This month flied by. Tempus Transit, right? Life been a bit shitty, but somehow not as shitty as usual. Well, just a bit shitty. Low-key I think everything is going back 'normal' after a long trip on shitty land.

Well, I want to announce that I'm now 1 (one) game away from ditching windows for good. Fuck you Microsoft. It's GTA V, which I haven't been lucky on Proton'ing it. I might keep trying, though. Just sucks downloading 100gb on slow internet. It's not dial-up slow, but, I mean, slow for today's standards at least. Thanks for the people who made proton and heroic launcher, y'all rock, even that valve is a shitty monopoly. Gotta be fair, right? That new steamdeck thing really pushed linux gaming forward. I'm glad for this.

This month I was elected as mayor of Trio Lake in FreeSO. Thanks to everyone who voted for me. The fact that I was running alone for it makes the joke by itself: 19 votes. I also tried making and contributing with a few items for the game. I doubt they will ever be included, asides from one that a friend colabed and made it fun. And to think it all began from a complaint about CC* owners being too greedy and decided making my own!? Sometimes I wonder how stupid I am. Well, it's the spooky season and me and sim friends are all excited for another halloween event. I wouldn't mind if everyday was halloween there.

A dear friend gifted me Phasmophobia a bit before my bday. That game is sooooooooo ugh. I wanna play it more, but it's scary AF and I refuse to play alone. Last time I just noped out after frens were murdered. Kinda sucks waiting for frens to wanna play it, but that's the only way. Oh, another lovely fried gifted me Don't Starve Together too. "Accidentally" I got the full version, with two games. Still don't know who I should gift the second copy. I told her I'd keep until she thinks of someone. Honestly, I wouldn't mind buying it, it wasn't expensive, but appreciate the thought and gesture regardless. Yet on games, thanks friends for convincing me I didn't need Witcher 1 and 2. The third one runs smooth as butter and so far I've liked it. Not that I played a lot.

Anyways, I decided to list all the games I "own", you can check them here. At least 95% were free. Still have to update anime list, but holy fuck, that's getting long. Talking on updating and making, I made a simple applet. Crashed OS a few times while trying. No, no links for it. It's always nice to learn and try making stuff.

Wrapping up, I have no idea why I'm still alive life sucks, but friends are what gives me a bit of hope to keep going.

P.S.: I'm not sure if I fucked up something, but my blog file was gone from local backup. P.S.2: All but one item were included to the game.

Ok, I did a thing


I kinda gave adding more stuff to heytyOS up (for now). I'm trying to get the most done irl, but I'm terrible at living. Some day I'll have a cool and fancy home. It's getting cooler everyday.

Oh, I hid my javascripted animation* and we now have heytyOS featured on login page. I don't know for how long it was forgotten but it's worthy playing with it for a while. Felt good accomplishing something regardless of my special hability for uselessness. Click somewhere along this line to check it.

A friend tried to get me some work, but I'm pretty sure I can't really help them. I know how to code, but everything is built on the same platforms. They are great, tho. * cries in hand-written code *

Might update anime list later, idk. #FuckinWeabos

P.S.: Now my title blinks xoxo

Phew! 2021 was a fucking shitty year!


Hewwo, my fellow neocitizens and peeps from da web. How y'all doing?

This is just a short update about this year and a half (?) I was away. I wasn't really away, but yeah, you got me.
A lot happened this last year. Somehow I ended in a relationship with a narcissist, and, it was no fun. I mean, there was some fun and it helped me grow a bit as a person, but still healing from that.
Life still sucks and I had a fucking hard breakdown around the end of the year. Glad I have a few friends and family that helped me go throught that. Not that I don't wake up and wanna die, just that I feel like dying tomorrow instead of today :joy: Still on friends, I made friends with some people around the globe. It's funny when anglophonics realize that I'm not from where they are, and, that makes me guess my english is pretty good (at least half good). Btw, I decided to tell that 'I learned english reading erotica' whenever people ask about it. Some reactions were priceless. I haven't done much this past year. Played some warframe with a friend, zomboid with anothers, and, a bunch of sims. Do you know FreeSO? Pretty nice game, it's free. Google it, idc. Pretty sure it's the game with more drama per person ever. I got plenty.

For the past month I was kinda inacessible by phone, pretty sure got some friends worried. The thing is, that bad news comes fast as fuck and I honestly think that me being alive still is bad enough by itself :D Anyways, y'all are fucking weird on the internet. Fuck off.

P.S.: I love my frens. P.S.2: I took out my drawings from view. Someday I might do some better ones. P.S.3: Updated my anime list. I'm a weaboo ffs and it took hours.

What a click can learn from you?


Hi there, my clicking neocitizens!
Today we gonna learn what a click can learn FROM YOU!

So. I have neosurfed a little, and, I noticed a lot of people embedding and linking shit cuz' neocities lacks some features. This, by itself, is not a real problem. But of course, every geocities style page - needs - a click counter and a guestbook. That's pretty obvious, but, do you know what those can take from you and your users?

We may have in mind that - data - is what drives the internet nowadays. Some websites use data to sell advertising shit, e.g. fecebook, joogle and it's minions. Huge ammounts of data is collected from you at every single click you give them. What exact data? Well, mostly the usefull for trackig you and your browsing habbits.
Have you ever heard some story from a lady that discovered her pregnancy from facebook? (please don't click without addblock and umatrix) Well, this seems to be how much our lovely tech giants can know about you. They have built a massive database of patterns from people's habbits and can target 'ads' for the exact people. While some people can use this features just for advertising products, some can even change how an election succeeds. This is not mere childsplay.

Ok, now we know about what a few clicks help they learn, but a single click? It shouldn't say much about you, huh?
Yeah, just enough to track you arround for ever.
I made a page showing what I could learn from you with just javascript click here, check it out and come back to finish reading

Let's start by the browser. Imagine your browser is your car and you drive it arround the interwebs roads and avenues. Knowing what car you use, may let me find you, but once you go on a highway with a lot of cars, you can lose me. Everybrowser has an UserAgent, and it's a string with data from your browser, let's imagine it's like your car color. If I know what color is your car, I can follow you until another car with the same color comes around and confuses me.
Well, let's say that you have cookies enabled on your browser, and imagine it means you drive with open windows. Now I can say who you are among the same coloured cars.
If I know your language, it's like knowing from wich state your plate is and if I fingerprint your browser, it's like knowing your license plate.
Your connect devices are like racks and a nice aerial. And for all the other itens, let's imagine they are stickers on your bumper. And I didn't even mentioned that I could know exactly where you are if you give me your gps data!

So... knowing all that can help me spot your car in any place of the interwebtown, don't you agree?
And that's all from some bad codded JavaScript!!!
Severside, I can have your I.P., that would be like your adresses in our example. If you go to work, and I know your car, I can tell where you work. If you go hospital, yeah, I can tell, and, so on.

At a time long ago, all the sites could acess another's cookies (where websites store shit locally) and that was clearly an security fault. They fixed it, but that's not entirelly fixed. If you place a lovelly "like me on fecebook" button in your website, they could place their cookies and track you even if you are not browsing on fecebook. At that same long time ago, sites could acess your navigation history... and people used to use it to show ads from places you had visited before. Sadly, at every new step is a new exploit, e.g. that fingerprint technique. That is rellatively new. Took a long time since canvas implementation to people notice it's (bad) uses.

Well, and why did I mentioned geocities style counters and guestbooks? Cuz' that's the most problematic mistake people make on neocities.
Everytime you neoclick a website and there is a counter, the neocitizen is giving your data for free for the counter owner. Same for guestbooks, chats and every other embedable. If you know who made the thing you are embedding and you trust him/her/they/it, or, know exactly how it works, that's fine, go on and keep it, but if you don't... You are being dumb as a thousand fucking huge fucks.
Neocities is a greatplatform by itself. The constraint of using only "local" stuff should be an artform by itself. There's no need for a counter, as neocities counts visits for you, and no need for a guestbook as there is it's own "guestbook" (a.k.a. Messages).

Internet privacy is just like preventing a virus spread (* pandemic feelings *). If one retard doesn't use condons on our huge internet orgy, he/she/they/it will compromise everyone having fun with him/her/their/it (I'm trying to be inclusive, ok?).
Some posts ago, I mentioned hot-linking stuff, and it aplies too. Don't hotlink stuff. Hotlinking is for retards.

Now, shall we keep neocities clean, please? :D

Also, read this post too

Edit: Got Neocitie's miniature server data accidentally

I Love PHP


Hell yeah, my dear neocitizens!
I indeed love php, but it's driving me maaaaaaad.

At first, I was trying to make my own "websocket server" with PHP. I kinda managed to do it, and it was working pretty well, if not for a single damn thing: SSL. Secure websockets are so fucking fuckedup fuckery. By the way, all this SSL shit is fuckedup. If you ran shit without it, all the things go "well, you are insecure but it's fine", if you use a self-signed certificate all the shit goes "HOLY FUCK THEY GONNA STEAL YOUR DATA NO PADLOCK FOR YOUR WEBSHIT" and a thousand alerts everywhere... Ok, I'm exagerating a bit, but... I'm not in the mood to pay for a fucking certificate, and, the free ones need to verify the domain via "standard ports". Damn capitalism!
Yeah, that wouldn't be a problem if my isp didn't block ports if one does not pay them for a "entreprise internet connection". Holy fuck! I'm not an entreprise, I'm just a curious codder that hates everything. They should open those fucking ports for free.
Ok, I know they have "security reasons" for doing so. It helps to somehow protect those poor "mouse pulling" bastards running that nice spyware Viruindows, but they should open ports if one request them to.

Well, for now I have a working "unsecure" websocket that I can't use with my other secured webstuff.

Also, yesterday I upgraded the O.S. of my server. Now it's running the buster thing from debian (Did you know chickens run on debian too?) and upgraded all the shit into the lattest versions. Know what? I've been fixing bugs since then. Holy fuck! MyPhpAdimin throwing a lot of errors cuz a damn missplaced ). Php now needs that we declare all the vars on functions. I was also getting some errors that shit could not be included... Besides all this, I still love php. Such an usefull codding shit.

Oh, one of the friends I convinced trying Linux, said to me kida "I was trying to learn python but it don't run on my pc". He sent me a screencapture of he trying to run "python --version" after starting the python cli itself. That was funny af.
I tryied to show him what was wrong by sending a video of me running a few lines of code to print indefinetely a line from a "wannabehackzor" song about a girl tired from JAVA. Hope he learned something.
Also, Java is the most retarded language ever. Holy fuck. Everytime I have to try code in it, I get the feeling to burn all the java moss in my aquariuns.

If you code in JAVA, we can't be friends, sorry. All JAVA codders give me creeps.

I'm still alive[3]


Hello, my dear neocitizens!
As you may imagine by the title, I'm still alive... and kinda healthy too.

3 months have passed since my last update in this lovely webthingy, and, I still don't have much to say :v
Well, how are you doing in this pandemic? I'm doing fine.

Oh, sometime ago I got GTAV from EpicStore and had a lot of fun. I met a hacker from Argentina, nice guy, who made many "money rains". That made my grind way more pleasant by removing the need to grind. I got all the shit ingame and still have tons of spare mony.
I also met some people from Chile, and, ohmydearlordsatan, Chileans are such fucking nice people. For real, on every gamer community I found myself in, they are by far the best. They kinda offer help without anyone asking and don't mind helping a lot, I mean, helping way more than most people would!

Besides GTAV, I remade (?) my custon Minecraft map. Now I got a fucking nice Island with a fucking awesome castle and magic forest and a harbor and all the nice stuff.
Minecraft feels a lot like Lego and I played a lot with Legos when I was little. My mom was always trying to make me play with our neighboors and I was kinda "fuck'em, I got Legos".

For now I'm gonna update a few things and try to go back at working at my socialmedia website. If you are reading this and want to join, message me (somehow) for more details. I'm working on it since 2018 and it's getting pretty nice.

Before I forget, a friend of mine and her girlfriend got me a spare user at netflox. Netflox somehow thinks I only like to watch Anime. Netflox thought right.
I have watched all of their animes, and, besides a bunch of crappy ones, I enjoyed watching some a lot. The one I hated af was the new Ghost in the Shell. Holy fuck. SUCH A TRASH. WORTHLESS. THAT'S A PURE CAPITALIST MOVE TO CAPITALIZE MAKING TRASH AND HYPEING IT TO DUMBASSES BUY, just like another companies do with heroes shit.
It's better to let a franchise die than keeping it alive just to milk it a little more.

Well, that's it for now. cya :*

Edit: Whatafuck is wrong with neocities caching? This update is not showing up here as soon I uploaded it like it used to :v

Kyle is such a nice guy


Hope someone introduces him to the Satanic Temple, LaVey was a nice guy, but got too old to our times.

Greaves > LaVey

*Removed the post he was answering in the screencapture, click at it to check for yourself.

P.S.: Only assholes use Cloudflare.

Time is where WE dwell


Most of the time I listen to international music, mostly because 99% of Brazilian music is trash. Pop shit disgusts me, and, saddly, our pop is incredibly fucked up. By pop, I mean the real meaning of pop, relative to popular, populi, what most people listen to. Here, we have a fucking disease called "universitary country", wich is a fucking frankensteinish class collage of different styles tailored togheter along other shit made by media corporations that seeks monyes. Yeah, I fucking have problems with doing things for money. As one may say, life's best is priceless.

Well, what do I intend by this rambles?
Sometimes we find pearls beneath the mud, that 1% left that sparkles some shit in our deepest cores. In this post, I must say that what sparkle that tiny shit inside me is a band called "Francisco, El Hombre" ("Francis, the man" in a free translation) and they got two of the most profound lyrics I've ever read/listened to. One of them, is named "O tempo é sua morada" ("Time is where you dwell", free translation again; "Time is your home" in a litteral less poetic way) and it's lyrics are simply the trullest truth of all: Time is where we dwell. We all are on the same boat, sailing through the time streams. Sometimes they are calm, placid; Sometimes feels like going through hell. We pass by so many people, some stay a little by our sides. We don't even notice some of them and some leaves a fucking huge unclosable gap.

You may not know, but I'm not the most emotional person. Most of the time I feel a complete schizm between my inner and outter life. It's like if a piece of me is deep locked under a hundred+ doors in the deeps of my infernal abyss. It isn't any news to anyone acquainted with schizoids.
So... This song touches that pice hidden away in a kinda conforting way. I guess we all try to seize the best of our lifes and get frustrated when we simply can't. I got a lot of frustrations running through my dirty oil. I fucked things up with a lot of people. I have loved, and also had to let them go. At least I guess that was what people call love.
Oh, my dear lord Satan! There are people that I miss so fucking much... and guess where they do live now? - In a time back ago. Time is where they dwell now.

Besides my loyal kitten meowing for food and to open the door so she can roam free through our garden, everyday I wake up and I'm by myself. All I miss and long for are now far gone, and there's just a faint smell along echoes of whom I loved. Every single time I go to the bathroom there is a forgotten toothbrush, that I can't get rid of, haunting my memories of a past lover. Everytime I clean the house, there is still some hair clips to be found and touch where it hurts. We may only know what love means to us when they, our subjects of love, are gone.
There are things that are not meant to be forgotten, even if they now dwell back in time. Those things are meant to be celebrated, even if they are trully painfull.

I must celebrate the monster I am and let that monster be carried away.

if the wind carried you away,
time is where you dwell now.

Btw, this is the link your dog asked for ;)

I'm still alive[2]


I got tired from playing games. Made a few Mars colonies in Surviving Mars, wich I got for free at EpicStore (?).

The world is currently under chaos. People are dying at thousands and they're fucking dumb and manage to make everything worse, not that I really care if they die, but I would like them to do it in a less terrible way. I would rather die quickly than suffocating on my own lungs filled with fluids. Luckly, we can try to make things a little better staying at or homes, so less people get inffected and less die in evitable suffering. I've past mostly of my "life" (quotes 'cuz I doubt I got one) under self quarentine and this is AWESOME! I don't get why people are so freaked about staying home. Staying home is the best thing ever! Why the fuck would someone spend lots of money on a house if they don't intend to use it at it's fullest? CARPE DOMUS, fucking assholes. Even PornHub changed it's logo to StayHomeHub (I need to spent a little less time over there).

These past days I was listening a lot to Die Antwoord. I kinda feel atracted to their aesthetics and I'm in love with Yolandi, she's so fucking cute. Somehow I'm in love with a girl they had a fight some time ago, Zheani. I couldn't really get what the fuck happened, so I can't pick a side. While I can't, I listen to both aaand Zheani is so fucking gorgeous! She's a little mix of "I would marry her" and "I would let her stab me", but I don't really like her music besides her "satanic prostitute" EP (this title comes from the forementioned fight). I hope my neighboors enjoy listening to "Whore of Babylon" over and over as much as I do. Oh! My dear lord Satan! I fucking love girls that can scream hard. *music bonner intesifies*

Also, I tryied composing and drawing, but I still under the longest art block I've ever had.

Also[2], I need to get back to my codings. Got some Ideas to my "socialmedia"


P.S.: Need to teach my friend how to send me monys from paypal without using my donate button. At this pace soon I'll have the most tipped site on neocities.

I'm still alive


Tibia is such a nice rpg. I fucking hate playing alone, but made a few friends ingame.

One of them said "let's make this quest, it's an easy one". A few moments latter he was dead, another friend was dead too and I almost died. Luckly, one of them dropped some potions on death and using them I managed to escape from that dwarven hell.

Now I fucking hate dwarfs.

New Year!


heyo o/

Just a little update.

I've spending most of my time with videogames. Fuck! I love wasting my life with those old shit!

Also, happy new year! Nothing changes besides the calendar! :D



hi o/

Just a post to say that I'm making progress with the Heyty OS and I've built a script tool to a friend of mine test his RPG mechanics. It's like D&D but better. Also, created a "donate" button under the "more" tab with currency change according to user browser language (BRL or USD).

As a little ramble, I've tried to draw things, but holy cheese! I need more ideas!

Oh, I got now a button section under "more" tab too. Mainly buttons from my followers and cool sites at neocities. If you are a mutual of mine and don't have a button, ask me and I'll make you one.

I fucking hate xmas


Among all the "hollydays" and festive seasons, there are two special dates that I particularly hate: Easter and Xmas.
As it's not really near easter, I'll spare you of my excessive rambling... So, is there a more hipocrytical season than xmas? For starters, it's a fucking religious date. Everyone spend lot's of money gifting eachother in honor of capitalism god. Yeah, that's right. Xmas is about spending money. That christian shit? Oh, people don't care about that anymore. Santa Claus is way bigger than Jeshua from Nazareth.

My late grandpa had a saying like "Money is world's religion". He was right. Since back in his days that saying was right and now couldn't be less. People don't care about nothing besides money. Hey, if you didn't know, money equals life time: You sell yours for money, and, your capitalist pig boss earn more life time by stealing yours. Yeah, Bosses steal your life time. Capitalism sucks. Your cheap goods are only cheap cuz' poor people have to sell their life time for a little money. Industrial revolution had a nice improvement in production, but seems that humanity is still stuck at old and outdated ways of achieving things. If you aren't a retard (pardon me if you are), you know that democracy and capitalism are two different things, democracy is not the best way to decide things, but still the best we got for now. Capitalism is a way of production: the means of production owners gets profit from the overproduction of their workers. You produce X, but aren't paid for those X you produced. Workers are paid only a fraction of what their production is worth.

Ok, I'm full of hate and want the means of production to belong to the workers. Is that so hard? Fuck egoististical selfish retards.

Neocities is a nice example of what the world should look like (a.k.a. the nondistopic future). At least nowadays state of it. Everyone takes a share for free and if you need a little more, you give a little more, it's not "give what you can, take what you need" wich is better, but alike democracy, is the best we got. 5 trumpmoney per month seems fair for a trumpcountryperson or an european. If it was my webshit, I would charge according to how much one makes in monetary terms, way more fair, but yet not as good as communism. As a thirdworldcitizen, 5 trumpmoney are a lot of thirdworldmoney. I would gaddly pay if it was 5 of my moneys, but it's almost 25 of my moneys, wich means about 10kg (22lbs?) of rice to fill my belly for about two or three months. I don't think a month of supporter account is better than three of rice, sorry Kyle. Also, neocities got no fucking capitalist ad money with fucking ads that no one cares. That's really a plus, besides don't selling your data. Isn't the collaborative way of making things better than the gibmeurmonyforthisshittyservicefullofadsandtrackers way? If you disagree, fucking leave neocities.

As a Satanist, I don't participate in retarded xmas activities. Well, there are a lot of funny and enjoyable things in this season, like the pine tress with snow and reindeers and fireplaces... at the "Southern Tropic"? Man, all these imagery and symbols don't even relate to where I live and people fucking buy those shit. A fat man in winter clothing under the summersun? C'mom. The city I live is right below the Tropic of Capricorn, and it only would make less sense if was on equatorial places. Oh, some also have xmas.
Xmas sucks hard. I'm not even capitalist to praise the capitalist god. Xmas is no good for me. Looking by the bright side, I got some time to spend along my jews, hindi and budhist friends who doesn't "commemorate xmas" too at a chinese restaurant. Just joking, I don't have religious friends.

Earlier today my mom came to my place for a visit, also know as she was sick of being on her own and needed someone to talk nonstop. Yeah, she likes to talk a lot. I don't, so I keep hearing her while trying to focus on something I'm doing. At a point of her blabery she asked me if I wanted something as a xmas gift. Of course I said "No, I already got everything I want". Well, I don't want an old lady spend her little retirement money on a cheap youngster like me and I lied a little bit. She alone can't afford the thing I want the most: The end of capitalism.

I'm not good with words so nevermind if I don't make sense sometimes, but you can have this nice xmas caroll as a xmas gift from me. If you can't understand, look for the lyrics and translate them, I'm not obligated to translate all the shit to your imperialist language.

Also, my nails are too long, it's getting hard to type. And, no, I won't clip'em.

Heyty O.S.


I was surfin' through some Neocities' Websites and noticed a cool trend: Websites that mimick O.S.'s! They are awesome and I'm making my own!

Among the ones I could find, I enjoyed Itzrex a lot, this one is very well built. I don't really like doggos, but that wattermellon doggo is fucking funny. I liked the aproach to "show and hide" the windows, clever and simple. I kinda used this aproach to the TyPlayer window, but a in a little more javascripty way, cuz' the pure javascript way was breaking the code. I probably should rework it. Also, the browser works nice. I looked at the code that make it work and tried to make alike, but I fucking hate jquery and sometimes pure javascript doesn't work as I intend it to. At the end my browser app works, but not as good.
Kryptonaut is a nice website too. A little simpler than Itzrex, but the aesthetic make it worth commenting. This feel of CRT displays makes me nostalgic for the simpler times 90's were. Now I know that the 90's sucks, but I was a kid, so, don't blame me.

Also, Windows93 is probably the best website of this kind, you shold spend some time clicking through it! I specially liked the way it mocks you if you try to make a post at their imageboard. Man, I wasn't waiting for it.

You can check the current state of Heyty O.S. at this page. It's a little buggy and don't work on touch devices (yet).
P.S.: Gonna update the link after it's complete and working well.

Updated heytyOS link at 2022-07-15

RIP Maxy


My older cat died today. I'm quite sad.
He was 18 years old, such an ancian!
Hope Funeria lives as long as he did.

Also made a better website to a friend of mine. Check it out if you feel like it.

Heyty's Noise Hell!


What's Up People!?

Just wanted to say that I made a page that plays noises at every bitcoin transaction. I wanted to make it play at wikipedia's articles edit but hatnote's websocket sucks cuz it's not "secure".

Well, there's a counter to how many you endured that stays at your local cache. So if you feel like it, you can break your own records!

I'm pretty good at making useful things. I know.

I'm running out of ideas ):


So, I started this website about two weeks ago, but now I'm running out of ideas.

I really want to shove as much things as possible here, but I don't feel like I know what else I can put here. There's a section to my music, my drawings, a blog and some cool links. What else a website needs?

Oh, there is also some tests and a page for my "animation series" from my defunct youtube channel, besides some EasterEggs.

What else does a website needs? I'm really accepting tips on opnions, just leave them on my neocities profile

Cya :*

Typlayer 1.0


As promised, I bring you the text file player, TyPlayer is it's name, cuz' its a player made by Heyty.

You can check it working clicking here or konami coding and inserting "hentai" at the terminal window.

How to:
First you gotta click here to download, if open another tab with de code, rightclick and save or copy paste to a file (typlayer.js). You can paste directly to Neocities' editor thou.

If everything went as planned until now, open your nice typlayer.js in some text editor, or, if you pasted to the editor, you gotta change the values under "tylist" and "tytitles" arrays. At aplayer or cplayer there's a single array, but I couldn't figure out how to make a single one and the player still work :v
Ok, but you don't have the values to change yet? That's ok, you gotta encode your mp3 files to base64 strings and upload them to your website, I strong reccomend using this tool (click to open to a new tab). Remember to select the base64 formula and save the files as .txt files. So, after you uplodaded them, proceed to edit at the script and save it.

Before forgeting to, change the autoplay var to true of false if you want or don't want this feature!

Maybe I should make my own converter tool, but meh. It would take some effort and burning some brain cells.

At the page you want the player, just insert <script src="(path to)/typlayer.js"></script> before the closing element of body and save the file.

Done, now you got a music player in your website without pay for uploading .mp3 files or hotlinking shit! If you use it, I appreciate if you mention me somewhere or put my button on your page, but it's not necessary as I don't like licenses. Maybe it's licensed under some GNU, cuz it should be free as in freedom.

If you need a single track to play, I sugest using Shallot's aproach, just copy the contents of the .txt file you base64'd and paste after the "base64," part within the following: <audio "data:audio/ogg;base64,">.

Also, there's a chance that the file loading will fail, for that it'll show an error on the status and try the next file. I don't know what causes it, so I can't fix.

Disclaimer: The songs I used are from anime cuz I'm a fan and it's fair use cuz I don't make money from this website and I'm using it to demonstrate how to achieve something and that's educational use. We don't like piracy here :v


Edit: Uploaded it to gitlab under GPL3.

Just a little ramble


Don't HOTLINK shit unless it's strictly necessary!!! At every hotlink you make a little lamb in some pasture dies.

You want some code on your site? Nice, everyone of us does. Donwload and upload it. At every hotlink you make from google, you put it's tracker in your website. Cloudflare stuff? Idem. Youtube? Also.

There are currently 4 hotlinks in my whole website. None of them are for codes. If you hotlink code, the one nice person you hotlinked can change what it does and fuck your website, your fellow users and fuck your whole life.

I know it's sad don't being abble to upload mp3 and mp4, but you can always base64 it and use it. - Basesixtywhat!? - You may inquire. It means encoding the file as a data string and decoding it for usage. This concept is new for me too, but, hey, there's no more excuse to hotlink no more shit if you are reading this.

Help yourself and help us not being tracked cuz some dumbass hotlinked shit.

Made an awesome .txt music player


YES! You did read it right! A text file music player!

Some time ago I saw a great way to play music on neocities at Shallot's website.

No mp3 for us, poor men? No problem, I made my own Poormans' Player!

To acess it, open the terminal (konami code) and input "hentai". Simple as that.

If you want it for your website do your h4ck1ng stuff and steal from me!!! Just joking. Latter today or maybe tomorrow I'll make a post teatching how to. I also needs some tweaks :v

Also, have you met Morgana yet? She's Penelope's Psycho sister. Some say she uses her enemies's blood as paint!

Neocities made me sad ):


All this API thingy made me sad. It was like a day of trial and error for discovering that it would hurt my website. Afterall I don't even know if being on "Special Sauce" is worth anything. Having a website with a lot of views is nice, my dopamine craving brain enjoys it, but was that my main objective? Guess I gotta wonder a little about what I'm really looking for by staying here.

If you don't know, I fucking hate google and it's way of sneaking and lurking at every inch of the web, for that I always use meta tags to prevent being indexed, but, somehow google managed to index a single page of this website. Guess what!?:

"Welcome to my Website! This is a paragraph! Here's how you make a link: Neocities. Here's how you can make bold and italic text. Here's how you can add an ..."

This horsefucker bot mannaged to log a page as soon it was created via neocites web-interface! The first thing I always do to every single page is to copypaste my header with all the nice metas and then save.

Fuck you, google. Fuck you!

API usage fucks with websites status!


So, on the entries before this one I commented about using the api to do nice things, but now I know the thruth! Using the API fucks with our websites! It's a great tool, but neocities need a better resolve arround it.

Earlier today I noticed that this, my awesome website, was on the first page of the "Special Sauce" of the browsing options, not at the top, of course, but that made me happy and kinda curious. I spent quite a time and brain cells theese last weeks making the nicest possible website, well, not this is really a great website (yet) but I'm trying to do my best. This effort seemed to be rewarding me something afterall. By being curious, was about wondering how the fuck it got there. Luckly, neocities is open source, and, besides I can't into Ruby, I know something about programming logic. Let's check how it's done:

def compute_score points = 0 points += (follow_count || 0) * 30 points += profile_comments_dataset.count * 1 points += views / 1000 points += 20 if !featured_at.nil? # penalties points = 0 if changed_count < 2 points = 0 if api_calls && api_calls > 1000 (points / ((Time.now - updated_at) / 7.days)**SCORE_GRAVITY).round(4) end

So, you start with 0 points; At each follower you got, +30pts; Each comment you got, +1pt; Every 1000 views you get +1pt; and, if you ever been featured, +20pt. For the calc, you divide the sum of points for the diference of time between (now) and the last update an divite it for the last week, then multiplies by 1.8, the current score gravity. The result is rounded and then it determines your position on the list.

Pretty Simple, huh?

Now, check that part of #penalties: If your blog got less than 2 edits since its creation, your score is 0. That seems fair, there are a lot of pages that never got an update. Check the other line. If you ever used the api AND used it more than 1000 times, your website is cut out from Special Sauce!!!

On the email reply I got from Neocities, "the point of that is to prevent automated sites from being pushed to the top due to the massive number of updates". It's premise seems fair too, but how about people that doesn't massively update via api? Let's say you update once a day via API, you get a little less than 3 years of API usage before your site get stat fucked! Doesn't sound much, I know, but there should be another way of calculing it. Like api_calls / 10 / how long your website exists, limiting it by daily usage. It would be a little more fair for me, but, well, it seems that Special Sauce is an alfa feature and gonna get reworked at some time.

I hope it gets, but until then, I won't use it anymore with this website. This blog post is the last one.

I could try to learn Ruby and try push some better code on github? Yes, I could, but meh, ruby doesn't makes sense on my head.

Edit: I'm gonna try to push, hell yeah I will!

Phleg Reports


I got a little jeallous and made my own /phleg/ lol

Everyday at 10a.m. (UST-3) it gonna autoupdate!

Edit: Report is dead. Tried to move it to another "website" but I'm not so enthusiastic about it anymore. Also tryied to make it in a javascripty way, but I FUCKING HATE JAVASCRIPT WHY IT DOESN'T WORK AS I INTEND IT TO!?!?!?

So, now I've got a blog too :D


I made a php page on my local "server" with Reed Jone's php api wraper that let me blog very simple.

Also, Hello World!